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12 Things you can do to reduce your energy use
Use CFL or LED lightbulbs
  • CFL bulbs
    • save 66% on energy over incandescent bulbs
    • saves 400 pounds of greenhouse gas for each bulb you switch out
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Buy and use Energy Star rated appliances
  • you can use 10-50% less energy
Unplug appliances when not in use, and turn off power indicator lights
Heating and cooling
  • turning your heat down consistently even one degree can save 1-3% on your heating bill
  • set your AC as warm as is comfortable
  • turn your AC thermostat up or off while you’re away (it doesn’t cost more energy for AC to run harder)
Seal and insulate around doors and windows
  • This saves energy two ways
    • keeps the temperature from escaping from the indoors to the outdoors
    • convection action (draft) caused by air movement can cause a person to feel cooler
Adjust your blinds (and windows) to help heat and cool your home!
Plan your errands to decrease car use and use alternative transportation when possible
  • public transportion
  • bike
  • or even walk!
Ride share to work
  • Microwave when you can, they use 50% less energy than a conventional stove/ oven
Buy and use energy efficient cook-ware
  • glass
  • silicone
  • ceramic
Put your fridge in a shady (cool) spot
  • heat form a window makes your fridge work harder to stay cool
Adjust you computer settings
  • set your computer to sleep if not in use screensaver settingsafter five minutes
  • don't use a screensaver ... they actually use a lot of energy to keep the screen lit up
  • turn off your monitor when not in use