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Sloth in Costa Rica
13 Things you can do to protect wildlife
Make your home wildlife safe
  • decals on windows to make birds aware of the glass
  • keep bird feeders and waterers clean
  • use garbage cans with wildlife safe lids (secure lids to keep wildlife out of garbage)
Plant native plants to provide food and shelter to local wildlife
  • Monarch butterflies require milkweed plants to live
Dispose of medicines carefully!
  • Most pharmacy have disposal systems for old medicines
  • Medicine flushed or poured down the drain are difficult, if not impossible, to filter out of water
Reduce (or eliminate) use of pesticides/herbicides
Learn about local endangered/ threatened species
Don’t purchase products made from threatened or endangered animals
Purchase recycled and sustainably produced products
Participate in local protection and conservation projects
  • Find a local group (like StreamKeepers) to volunteer with for projects that work to protect local wildlife habitat, like stream-side replantings
Minimize your impact when you are in wildlife habitat
  • … picnicking? Make sure you pack out ALL of your garbage!
  • … going to the beach? Stay off the shore-line plants! Those plants help to hold the sand in place and help to keep the shore-lie form eroding.
Visit a refuge, preserve, national / state park, nature center, or other open spaces OR ...
  • These spaces help to protect wildlife by protecting the habitat they need and can really use volunteers
… volunteer at a place that protects wildlife habitat or with a wildlife rehabilitator!
VOTE! Your vote counts.
  • Stay aware of legislation at the local AND national level that impacts wildlife / wildlife habitat
…and simply, slow down and keep an eye out for wildlife when you’re driving

Coatimundi in Costa Rica